FFC and the Shipping Industry
FFC’s marine pumps will provide you with the safety assurance that you need when at sea. Our robust range covers thoroughly tested pumps and pump systems for:

• Ballast
• Engine cooling
• Fire fighting
• Boiler feed
• All essential utilities

Our pumps are tested and proven worthy to be used under extreme conditions where we understand the importance of high performance, reliability and quality. We actively pursue our goals to ensure that your every pump requirement at sea is efficiently covered by us. A new product is not released unless its performance is proven to be significantly superior to that of the existing product.

When it comes to energy-efficient marine pumps, FFC has got it covered. Our latest pump technology will make sure that your energy consumption related to engine cooling will be cut by as much as 50%. We produce these results by automatically adjusting the pump speed to the temperature of the seawater and/or to the engine load. Did you know that approximately 90% of a pump’s total cost originates from the energy consumption? By using FFC pumps you will significantly reduce life cycle costs.

As a global company, professional support is never far away. FFC Industries is a leading industrial design and manufacturing company dedicated to creating the most reliable, robust and energy efficient products possible to protect the environment from unnecessary carbon emissions in addition to ensuring our clients get the best value possible for their development projects, no matter how big or small. Specializing in fluid dynamics, our pump designs are among the most efficient in the world. FFC Industries Ltd is registered in London, England. Our global operations include Europe, North America, South East Asia, and we will soon be expanding to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Canada.

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