Futureproof Commercial buildings
Global changes have meant that the building sector is facing a series of new challenges that will redefine the way we design, plan and build commercial buildings in the future. Buildings will have to adhere to strict sustainability requirements in order to reduce energy consumption and protect resources. We are continually striving to protect our environment through reduced energy consumption. At FFC we are constantly rethinking buildings so that we may help our customers to successfully overcome challenges, both large and small. We provide a team of consulting engineers around the world that will assist you as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Welcome to FFC’s Domestic Building Services
FFC is a world leader in manufacturing pumps that will make everyday life in and around the home less complicated.

Comfort and convenience
People expect a reliable water supply, instant heating and dependable wastewater disposal. These are the main objectives in any home whether it is a new build, or a renovation. Our intuitive solutions and energy efficient technology already provides comfort and convenience for millions of people worldwide. Let us streamline your home to maximize your comfort too.

The FFC full domestic pump range
FFC domestic pumps are at home in small or large family houses. Our superior quality range includes solutions for heating, water supply and wastewater.

Worldwide distribution
We provide heating and water when you need it, and can also provide you with automatic control of these systems. We remove your wastewater efficiently and collect your rainwater to water your garden. In areas where water pressure is inconsistent we can provide you with a system to boost your water pressure and ensure constant water supply.

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