FFC and the Food Industry
FFC can help you perfect your food production. Our complete range of plant service systems and sanitary pump solutions cover your every possible requirement:
• Food processing plants
• Dairies
• Chocolate and confectionery factories

We specialize in systems that handle delicate, viscous or temperature-sensitive ingredients. Our emphasis on hygiene is second-to-none. All of our sanitary pumps at FFC are produced from surface-treated stainless steel. This ensures that no contamination could possibly occur. As you would expect from FFC, our pumps are all CIP compatible to ensure that cleaning can be efficiently carried out, and to the strictest standards. This assists you to achieve more efficient production.

In addition to sanitary pumps, we can help you cover your entire production floor with a comprehensive range of plant equipment. We will provide you with on-hand professional support that comes from many years of experience, an excellent spare parts service and extensive online services. It doesn’t matter whether you produce milk in New Zealand, chocolate in Switzerland or dressings and sauces in the UK, we know how imperative consistent quality is to your reputation, and there is nothing more important to us than building upon this with you.

FFC and the Beverage Industry
At FFC we understand the delicacy of the mixing and fermentation processes. We offer a full spectrum of high quality pumps and pump systems, everything that you could possibly need for requirements such as:

• Wineries
• Breweries
• Distilleries
• Juice productions
• Soft drink productions
• Bottled water productions

FFC has an extensive knowledge of pumps and pump systems. We are committed to optimizing your beverage production. When you use our products, you can rely on us, and expect your beverages to be of the highest quality. Batch after batch.
We thoroughly test our range of sanitary and non-sanitary pumps, and are confident that they will easily comply with all safety requirements and the strictest hygienic standards. We have a strong belief that comprehensive customer education and preventative service will ensure maximum safety, reliability and efficiency within each system. We will provide you with a complete range of plant service systems. Should you require something more specialized, FFC pumps can be customised to meet your individual application requirements.

With offices worldwide, FFC guarantees you a truly comprehensive and professional service. We wish to partner you in a long-term, successful relationship that will dramatically enhance your production.

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