FFC SD Series Suction Diffuser

The Suction Diffuser does more than just remove foreign particles. Since it replaces the elbow, strainer and entry pipe on the suction side of the pump, installation costs are reduced. These units are available with equal size flanges or a reduced outlet flange enabling it to replace the reducing base elbow. The large open area and the blow-off mean minimum servicing with easy draining and flushing. Quick opening knobs minimize down time. Sealing between body and cover is accomplished through an O-ring rather than the conventional flat gasket, eliminating gasket replacement following each service. Straightening vanes on the diffuser’s outlet side reduce turbulence so that stress and erosion on the pump parts are minimized. They also eliminate the straight pipe normally required for the purpose, saving space, time and money.

The PN25, Class2 50 FV70-29 Suction Diffuser is designed for high pressure pipes with ductile iron body.
SD Product Standards
Connection Standard
BS EN1092-2 PN10/PN16/PN25 ANSI B16.1 Class125.JIS l0K/16K
Connection Standard
GB/T 9113,JB/T 79, EN1092-2

SD Technical Data
(Nominal Diameter):DN50-DN600 (2″-24″)
(Nominal Pressure):PN10/16/25(10/16/25bar)
(Seal test):1.1PN
(Housing test):1.5PN
(Operating Temperature ):-20℃-110℃
Suitable Medium: Water

DIFFUSER — Provides ideal flow conditions for the pump providing NPSH requirements are met. Diffuser orifice cylinder serves as pump strainer with much more free area than conventional strainers.
START-UP STRAINER — A necessity for hydronic systems and standard for suction diffusers for closed and domestic water systems. Remove it later without losing the protection of the larger perforations in the orifice cylinder.
FIELD SERVICEABLE — All internal parts are easily replaced including the full length straightening vanes.
SAVES TIME — No intermediate piping. Fewer joints to make.
SAVES SPACE — Eliminates long pipe entrance, conventional strainer, pipe saddle, and floor flange.
SAVES MONEY — Diffuser, strainer … all in one piece. Fewer pipe joints. Faster to install.
ELIMINATES TROUBLE — Good flow conditions promote trouble-free operation.
ANGLE BODY — Provides an elbow which facilitates a close transition between system return piping and the system pump suction. Some NPT and flanged models perform as reducing elbows.

Furnish and install as shown on plans, an angle pattern flow straightening fitting equipped with a combination diffuser strainer-orifice cylinder, flow straightening vanes and start-up strainer. The combination diffuser-strainer-orifice cylinder shall be designed to withstand pressure differential equal to the system pump shutoff head and shall have a free area equal to five times the cross section area of the pump suction opening. The length of the flow straightening vanes shall be no less than 2 1/2 times the diameter of the system pump suction connection. Cast Iron Flanged Models Rated for a Maximum. Working Pressure of 12bar.

The flow straightening fitting shall be of cast iron construction with Flanged system and Flanged pump connections. The fitting shall have a Stainless steel combination diffuser-strainer-orifice cylinder with 4.76mm diameter perforations to protect the system pump. The full length Stainless steel flow straightening vanes shall provide non-turbulent flow to the suction side of the system pump. The start-up strainer shall be of 16 mesh bronze, and the support foot (supplied by others) shall eliminate pipe strain at the flow fitting/pump connection. All internal components are replaceable.

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