Agricultural Water Treatment
When the source of water for irrigation has been identified, the next phase if necessary, is water treatment. This may involve filtration or possibly the addition of chemicals and fertiliser. The procedure of water treatment is designed to make water suitable for the situation in which it will be used, which in this case is agricultural irrigation.
FFC will supply you with everything you need – pumping, dosing, disinfection and measuring solutions – to get the job done efficiently and to a high standard. Our highly trained sales and service team work together to provide you with the superior customer service you deserve..

At FFC We Are Dedicated To Modern Agricultural Irrigation
In order to reduce you energy costs and protect your valuable water resources, FFC will supply irrigation pumping solutions that are not only efficient, but environmentally friendly. With our experience and expert technology we can ensure that your irrigation system is always consistent during even the most changeable conditions. FFC offers a wide range of irrigation pumping systems which are tested for quality and reliability right here on our premises. Each product is designed to work in partnership with all modern farming operations. We will provide you with a system that can produce the required pressure for whatever your irrigation needs. In order to keep up with changing conditions, and the need to ensure low running costs, we provide variable speed pumps and easily integrated controllers. These components are designed to integrate seamlessly with the next.

Agricultural water intake
The source of irrigation for your crops, either groundwater or surface water, will determine your required pumping system. Pumps that are used at the source of water intake will need to cope with variable conditions that affect the water pressure and flow, both above and below the ground.

The most important objective of a pumping system is to distribute the exact amount of water pressure and discharge at the nozzle. Traditionally the simple solution to distribute water from the water source has been to oversize the pump and operate it at low pressure at single speed. This is not economical, and wastes energy and water. FFC can supply you with a variable speed pump that can adjust its flow and head to compensate for fluctuations in the water levels, proving to be more efficient and economical. FFC can supply variable speed pumps that are able to adjust its head and flow to compensate for changes in water levels, reducing energy bills. Where filtration of the water source is required, intuitive pump controls will make sure that the pressure at the nozzle is constant.

Modern agricultural irrigation
FFC can supply you with an extensive range of irrigation pumping systems that will secure your water resource, minimize and maximize your productivity. Our experience and expertise in pumping solutions will secure steady output despite varying conditions. Our pumping systems are all tested for quality and reliability right here on our premises. Each model is designed to integrate seamlessly with modern farming operations. We create custom developed products to ensure maximum efficiency, reliability and safety in each individual system. Whatever your needs, FFC will supply you with the appropriate system for your situation to ensure efficiency and optimal productivity.

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