FFC and the Biofuel Industry
As a UK based global brand, our management has a strong commitment to providing the highest quality products possible. If you wish to run your biofuel plant more efficiently, FFC are the pump experts to use. We are able to supply you with your every biodiesel and bioethanol requirement, accommodating any challenges in the biofuel industry that you may be experiencing.

In a hazardous environment, where even a small leak can create a life-threatening situation, FFC’s ATEX-approved pumps will help you to meet your safety requirements. We use strictly high-grade materials and advanced designs to provide cost effective solutions with an extended life cycle. Shaft seals and pumps are customised to offer faultless operation and longevity regardless of the media, for example ethanol, acid, oil, methanol or other such aggressive fluids. In addition, poor inlet conditions will be effortlessly handled by our low NPSH pumps that have been customized for this purpose. Whatever your biofuel needs are, FFC can ensure you are the market leader when you use our high quality systems backed up by professional expertise.

Our extensive range of pumps designed for the biofuel industry are available in various stainless steel and cast iron options to efficiently pump the required media. FFC can further supply a pump solution with highly accurate dosing pumps for precise chemical dosing.

We produce products that are amongst the most energy efficient in the world, reducing our client’s energy consumption and saving them money. Our products are designed to ensure installation and maintenance are as user-friendly as possible.

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