FFC and the Automotive Industry
Streamline your production with FFC

Whatever type of vehicle you are producing – cars, buses, aeroplanes – accuracy and reliability are of the utmost importance in the automotive industry. FFC will assist you to meet even the most stringent of requirements.. We produce and thoroughly test a range of pumps that are perfect for:
• Machine tool
• Filtration
• Chilling
• Part washing
• Surface cleaning
• Painting
• Utilities

Throughout the world, many FFC pumps are already employed in the automotive industry. We are happy to customize pumps to suit your individual requirements, so you can specifically reduce energy consumption, or optimize certain aspects of the process if necessary. Motors, speed controls and monitors are all available to meet your needs.

FFC is a leading industrial design and manufacturer dedicated to creating the most reliable, robust and energy efficient products possible, to protect the environment from carbon emissions in addition to ensuring our clients get the best value possible for their development projects no matter how big or small. Our pumps are designed to be amongst the most efficient in the world.

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