Manufacturing industries
FFC is your first choice when it comes to pumps for manufacturing industries. We can supply you with almost any pumping system that you might require in industries such as:
• Electronics
• Metal
• Machinery & Equipment
• Plastic & Rubber

When you deal with high risk situations such as flammable or toxic medias, high pressure, or hot liquids, we will ensure that you install a system that will keep your enterprise running consistently and efficiently.

Please talk to us if you are in the elementary stages of designing a new system. We would be pleased to offer our expertise and experience in assisting you in your development process. The majority of our pumps can be easily customized to match your specific requirements.

At FFC we have vast expertise and experience at providing dependable pump solutions to mining companies for open pit and underground mining. Our pumps are consistently reliable, built to last even under the most extreme conditions. We can supply you with pumps for all types of situations particularly where liquids contain abrasives such as clay-particles, sand, drill cuttings and other hazardous objects.

We can meet all your pumping solution requirements at FFC, such as water utilities, from raw water intake, to water treatment, transport and treatment of wastewater, recycling and disposal. We help you to build accommodation for your employees that contains all amenities.

When you partner with FFC, we will always help you find a solution to an application. Our customized pumping solutions are reliable and take into account special requirements such as the need for sensors to monitor pumps and motors, so you are alerted to any problem before it becomes an issue. With FFC as your partner, we offer you more than just pumping solutions. We offer service agreements that recognize the requirements for maintenance for mining applications. Supporting your business is imperative to us, so we can provide you with commissioning agreements to ensure correct installation and service agreements with cover for all eventualities, from routine maintenance to spare parts and pump audits.

FFC Industries is a leading industrial design and manufacturing company dedicated to creating the most reliable, robust and energy efficient products possible to protect the environment from unnecessary carbon emissions in addition to ensuring our clients get the best value possible for their development projects, no matter how big or small. Specializing in fluid dynamics, our pump designs are among the most efficient in the world.

FFC and the Machining Industry

If you are looking for a pump solution that is precise, efficient, consistent and economical, then employing FFC as your partner is the answer. Our thoroughly tested and proven range of pumps aimed at machining processes is built on years of experience and specifically designed and constructed to operate faultlessly and with great precision in even the most challenging applications. FFC will offer you the precision you are looking for, and we can supply you with unparalleled solutions for:
• Machine tool
• Filtration
• Chilling
• Part washing
• Utilities

All FFC pumps can be configured to meet specific needs and we constantly strive to ensure that FFC pump technology is unmatched in the pumping industry. As well as offering an impressive range of high-quality pumps, we offer an array of motors, speed controls and monitors that will optimize your machine tool processes, and also your energy consumption.

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