Customers and solutions in focus
FFC is your desired HVAC business partner. We are constantly striving to meet your needs. We will keep you up to date with the latest developments in pumps, hydraulic systems, and the associated components. In addition to producing individual pumps, heat exchangers and controllers, we are also prepared to design and pre-build complete and complex modular systems to provide even more savings and efficiency. Our technical engineers are second to none with decades of experience in every aspect of HVAC systems.

Quality in every aspect
With FFC HVAC products inside your solar thermal or heat pump systems, you are assured of exceptional quality and ideal integration.

Industrial boilers
FFC provides you with a wide variety of reliable options for boilers for:
• Steam
• Hot water
• Thermal oil.
We understand the numerous challenges that industrial boilers can present. Much thought and research has gone into manufacturing highly dependable products that will cope with the long hours of operation, formidable temperatures and risk of cavitation. Our products will work safely, and reliably for you and your customers, with a guaranteed long service life.

If you are developing a new boiler system, consult with us early on in your project. The majority of our pumps can be easily modified to match your individual requirements and maximize efficiency. We have a comprehensive range of excellent quality circulation pumps and we can provide you with a wide range of motors, speed controls and monitors that will minimize your energy use.

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